White cedar lumber: the best outdoor wood for Ontario and Quebec


We produce our own Eastern White Cedar from the log to the finished product. - fence boards - decking - squares - balusters - siding up to 12' lengths available

Contractors and DIY's welcome

The Canadian government recommends the use of white cedar for exterior construction, such as decks and fences, as it is ecologically a sound choice and also resistant to rot and pests. The tree is easy to reforest after sympathetic harvesting.

white cedar decks or fences are all natural. They can be expected to last well in excess of 20 years, even in the harsh climate we have in Ontario and Quebec.

Williamsburg Woods & Garden harvests and mills our own lumber. We insist on the best. Our customers won't be happy with anything less and when our customers are happy, we're happy too. More details of our white cedar products are below.

Contact us to arrange a sales agent to visit you, or fill in your own quotation form and receive a $50 discount voucher to use against the final price of our work!


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Whether you are just buying in bulk or we supply your fence and deck you know you are getting a quality product. Our Ontario based facility has been high quality dimensional lumber for over 15 years.